Learning About the Interior of the FIAT 500L

When you are concerned about the interior of the vehicle that you might purchase, you need to take time to look into it and figure out if it will work out well for you. The FIAT 500L is a popular crossover with an interior that has much to offer.

If you are interested in stashing cargo into your FIAT 500L and you know that you need a lot of room to do that...

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Let’s Look at the Interior Features That Come With the 2018 Fiat 500X

If you are in the market for a subcompact SUV, the 2018 Fiat 500X is an ideal choice. Not only does the new model come with a variety of exterior and performance features, but it also comes equipped with premium interior features that make it one of the best models in its class. Read further to learn more about the interior features of 2018 Fiat 500X

The new model comes with an optional dual-pane power sunroof. The sunroof includes a sliding glass front panel as well as a fixed glass panel in the rear, which provides all of your passengers…

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2 Exterior Features of the Fiat 124 Spider Roadster

The Fiat 124 Spider Roadster is a popular convertible sports car available in several colors, including red, grey, black, and dark blue. Two exterior features of the convertible sports car are silver spoke wheels and a manual soft top.

There are some slight differences between the spoke wheels depending on which Fiat 124 Spider Roadster you choose. The Fiat 124 Spider Classica has 16" aluminum wheels that are painted silver. Also made of aluminum, the wheels on the Lusso are just one inch larger. The Abarth and Red Top Edition both have 17-inch wheels, but the Abarth's are painted…

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Drive Safe in the Rain with These Tips

When it is raining, it is imperative that you practice safe driving habits to prevent hydroplaning. You can also prepare for the rain by checking your windshield wipers, taillights, headlights, and turn signals once a month. Here are some driving tips that can keep you safe when you are on wet terrain.

It is best to slow down when it rains or if you notice that water has accumulated on the road. This will significantly reduce the chances of hydroplaning. Your tires work hard to keep in contact with the road, but new tires can hydroplane at 35 mph. In…

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How Does Temperature Affect Car Batteries?

Battery technology is not new. They have been manufacturing electric cars for as long, if not longer than traditional combustion engine vehicles. However, unless you have an electric vehicle your battery is not used for propulsion- it is used to run the electrical system of your vehicle. However, did you know that outdoor temperatures can significantly impact your battery efficiency?

Batteries are rated to work in certain environments. Generally, that means around freezing, up to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything outside of these base temperatures can cause the battery to act...

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Plan Ahead with a Roadside Emergency Kit

You may be planning a quick trip to a nearby city or a weeks-long journey around the country. No matter how long or short your excursion, it's always possible you may break down. Even if your car is in top shape, unforeseen circumstances might leave you stranded on the side of the road. Being prepared with an emergency kit can make all the difference in your comfort level and may even save your life.

Stock your kit with common sense items like jumper cables and a flashlight, but don't forget to change your kit to match the seasons…

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The Way to Successfully Jump Start One Car Using Another Car

Here is how you can successfully jump-start a car using a different car.

Get the cars close to each other, put them in park, then turn off the engine and open the hood. Once you can identify the plus and minus o the cables and battery, it's time to get to work. Place the red jumper cable first on the bad battery plus side. The other red cable goes to the plus on the good battery.

The black jumper cable goes first to the good battery, then you will take the remaining black cable and place it on any…

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Is Your Car Radiator in Waterford, PA Due for a Tune-up?

Your car's cooling system consists of several components. The radiator, gasket, hoses, thermostat and water pump are all critical parts. These parts are responsible for moving heat out of the engine block. A failure of just one part could cause the engine to overheat.

The radiator needs to be flushed every now and then. Each car manufacturer sets recommendations for coolant flushes, and it is important to stick with those maintenance recommendations. An overheated engine could cause the aluminum parts to melt and rubber parts to crack, resulting in extensive and expensive repair...

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Be Sure to Follow These Alignment and Suspension Tips

Before you get an alignment, you should get a pre-inspection that makes sure nothing is overlooked and that all wheels are checked for any issues. While you may not notice right away, you may feel that something isn't right once you get behind the wheel. You may start to notice that your car drifts into one lane. If your car starts to drift, then you likely need your wheels aligned.

Before you get to the repair shop, then you should also check your tire pressure. In some cases, your underinflated tires may enable the car's steering to move…

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Signs of Gasket Failure

Have you ever wondered how, with all of the moving parts of a vehicle, your vehicle doesn't lose more liquids and chemicals? Well, without gaskets in certain places, your vehicle probably would in certain portions of the vehicle's machinery. Certain gaskets, like the main bearing gasket, keep oil from escaping as the crankshaft turns. But what, exactly, is a gasket?

Most often, gaskets are made of steel, copper, or rubber, and they form a seal between various parts on a car. Pressure or friction can cause gaskets to wear down, and there are many signs of gasket failure…

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