Touch up Paint Buying Guide

We at Auto Express Fiat of Erie pride ourselves on helping drivers be better informed about important automotive issues. We want you to be an informed driver, and have a better understanding of how to best take care of your vehicle.

When touching up the paint on your car, you should avoid trying to match it by eye. Even if you are sure you have it right, chances are slim that you'll actually get it spot on. The best way to ensure the right paint color is to order paint based off the factory color code that your car came with. Depending on manufacturer, this code may be found near the VIN, on the radiator, or in the manual. Once located, you can order your replacement paint without having to worry about having a strangely-colored spot that doesn't match the rest of your car.

If your vehicle is in need of service, we welcome you to visit our dealership in Waterford, PA. Our helpful technicians will gladly see to any automotive service needs that you have in no time.

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