Exciting Exterior Features of the FIAT 500X

A popular subcompact SUV, the FIAT 500X stands out from other vehicles. The first thing people notice is the car's sleek exterior, and FIAT's innovative exterior features make this a vehicle you'll be proud to park in your garage.

Your car's paint is its most noticeable feature, and FIAT lets you pick from over ten colors, such as Rosso Passione Red Hypnotique and Arancio Orange. Choose the color that matches your personality. While the 500X has a sporty exterior that turns heads, FIAT also added useful features for increased safety and visibility. The heated exterior power mirrors turn on once you activate the rear defroster, allowing you to see clearly in snowy or icy conditions. The mirrors also contain supplemental turn signals, so other drivers can more easily notice where you're moving.

These two exterior features are just some of the many things that make the FIAT 500X an amazing car. Stop in at Auto Express FIAT of Erie in Waterford, PA and take this popular vehicle for a fun test drive.

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