Is Your Transfer Case in Top Shape?

Vehicles that have the ability to drive in four-wheel drive contain a transfer case along with the transmission. Both the transfer case and the transmission work together to supply the necessary power to each tire to keep the car running smoothly.

If fluid leaks from the transfer case, the gears aren't going to move well. When you experience problems driving your car in four-wheel drive, it's time to head to our service center at Auto Express Fiat of Erie so the issue can be dealt with. When you drive through rough terrain frequently, or you haul heavy loads, you will want to have your transfer case inspected at least every oil change. To get the most out of your transmission and transfer case, good maintenance is necessary.

If you experience grinding when you change gears, or your vehicle is difficult to get into gear, it's time to bring your vehicle in for help. We’re happy to serve you today at 9030 Peach Street.

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